Monday, April 20, 2009

Carrots, Peas, and Potatoes Flavored with Cumin (Gajar, matar, aur aloo ki bhaji) Review

4.5 stars (on a 5 star scale)
p. 147

A fresh-tasting dish that feels (and is) healthy. It's surprisingly good for such a simple recipe and doesn't take too long, assuming you boil the potatoes ahead of time. The dish is onion heavy, which is good for me because I like onions.

Some notes on the ingredients:
  • I substituted canola oil for the mustard oil, as the recipe said was reasonable.
  • I used only two tablespoons of oil (rather than the three recommended) to apparently no ill effect. I possibly could've used less: the vegetables were slick, though not unappealingly so.
  • I used dried arbol chilies for the dried hot red chilies called for by the recipe. Yes, I know they're Mexican, but they're what I had available.
By the way, 1.5 pounds of English peas makes 1.5 cups of shelled peas.

Addendum: One time that I cooked this later, I used frozen peas rather than fresh to apparently no ill effect. Maybe next time I'll use a bag of frozen peas and carrots to further cut down on the prep time.


prep: shelled peas, peeled and diced carrots, cumin seeds, and hot, dried red chilies

prep: chopped onions, boiled and chopped potatoes, and sliced green onions

completed dish

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