Sunday, April 22, 2007

Carrot and Onion Salad (Gajar aur pyaz ka salad) Review

2 stars (on a 5 star scale)
p. 217

Disappointing. The onion overpowers the rest of the flavors. It's so strong the salad is hard to eat. Maybe I shouldn't have used a red onion. (The recipe didn't specify. I used a red onion simply because most Indian recipes use red onions. This cookbook, sadly, never mentions anywhere what type of onions to use.) Or maybe I should've used four carrots, not three. The recipe calls for three carrots, "about half a pound," and I guess I chose smaller carrots because it turns out I should've used four to get half a pound. On the other hand, in an attempt to make the salad more palatable, I tried removing the onions; the result was simply not interesting. Adding the onions gradually back makes the salad remain not interesting until a particular point at which it switched instantly to having too much onion pungency. There was no middle ground.

Incidentally, match-sticking carrots is a pain.

Random remark: What the heck does "bring to a boil again. Boil rapidly for 2 seconds only" mean?! It's impossible to be so accurate with two seconds whereas defining boiling is much less precise.


Niall said...

clearly you are a terrible cook. maybe if you learned some knife skills cutting things like carrots into matchsticks wouldn't be so difficult.

NYCooks said...

Slice the onion as thin as you can and then marinate the slices in the lemon, salt, pepper, and ginger for about 30 min. Then add it to the blanched carrots. The salt and acid mellow out the onion flavor.

Tinder said...

Yup.. white onion sliced thinly and left in the lemon mix along with the carrot is lush Yes the onion is quite strong .. but ooh it's lush. We don't bother match sticking the carrots. We just slice them diagonaly thin.